We upgrade the quality of the Kalamata Olive just as nature intended


We fully support olive farmers with best practice consultations through all stages of production, from sorting and fermentation to maintenance and fruitful management of facilities and equipment.

The purpose of the Elia Olive Quality Center is to help olive farmers resolve all sorts of quality threats that challenge the Kalamata Olive production, especially throughout the crucial stage of fermentation.

The Kalamata Olive is the most recognizable and loved olive variety in the world with great business dynamics in terms of export opportunities and therefore deserves to reach the end consumer in superior quality.

Our center is fully committed to ensuring top quality following the international trend of increased demand in all markets of the world.

It is the first time in Greece, that a quality testing facility like the Elia Olive Quality Center is formed with the vision and goal to intervene and fully guide and support olive farmers with scientifically tested methodologies and proved practices. Finally, now every olive farmer in the country can produce a superior product in terms of quality, cost and profit without any problems, challenges, failures, or waste.

Greece’s particularly good farming conditions and excellent microclimate favor the signature superiority of greek olives in terms of quality and taste making it a highly marketable sensation around the world.

However, all the advantages of the Kalamata olive variety can be easily compromised, especially by external factors that threaten quality like climate change and bad practice. This is the exact reason why the intervention of a center like ours is essential so that we fight against all possible challenges and prevent them from occurring once and for all.


A specialized best practice «repair workshop» close to the farmer.

Our highly experienced scientific team has the required know-how to professionally  support every Kalamata Olive farmer with the most contemporary, tried and tested best farming practices aiming to improve the quality of the produce.

Particular focus is put on:

  • Consolidation, upgrade, optimization and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  • Harvesting with constant inspection and evaluation of the olive fruit, before, during and after harvest.
  • The crucial stage of fermentation and maintenance with continuous monitoring, support and guidance, tailor-made to each year’s conditions.
Our philosophy is reflected upon the areas of:
  • Timely prevention rather than untimely cure.
  • Optimization of quality with a custom approach in regards to the needs of each farmer.
  • Step-by-step data recording to ensure top end-product quality with technical specifications documentation.
  • Increase of marketability and profit, making good use of the added value only constantly quality, safe products can provide.


Because we consider its growth a great strategic opportunity for the local economy.

Because we believe it’s a product that deserves utter respect in regards to the contemporary international standards and the demands of the consumers.

Because we know this field like no other. It is our field, our Olive. We were born in this emblematic land and grew up identifying ourselves through these crops, learning the special needs of the olive tree and fruit through devotion, hard work and constant studying.

Our people and our infrastructure is our assurance, our promise!

To provide an excellent complete service to our clients, our center is housed in a contemporary facility and incorporates a diverse team of specialists.

Our Management Department consists of a team of renowned executives with a long background and in-depth experience in safe and productive managing.

Our Technological, Research and Development Department incorporates a number of experienced postgraduate food chemists, agronomists and technology researchers, specialized in olive products and the latest scientific methodologies.

Our Marketing Department is manned by distinguished executives that lead the field due to their results due to their in-depth expertise, long-standing experience and proven results.

Our Communication and Administration Department consists of executives of higher education highly competent to add value to each contact with our clients.

For the above reasons, we are able to responsibly promise a commercially competitive product with unbeatable quality, that keeps its special character intact until the very minute of consumption.


We are committed to superior quality through modernized approaches. We work together against all challenging problems that threat a crop, implementing best practice methods and strict quality controls.

We implement best practice with sustainable methodologies compatible with traditional Kalamata Olive farming practices so that this special variety keeps its authenticity and all its unique and original character.

We say no to reckless use of pesticides and water irrigation so that the fruit’s quality remains uncompromised and the soil is unburdened of toxic residues and heavy metals.

Our team respects both the environment and human life, implementing a custom made strategy of actions, tests and controls aiming to a superior and beneficial product in terms of quality, safety and health caring for the needs of both the farmer and the consumer.

We support the farmer step by step:

  • We organize, guide and monitor every detail.
  • We provide full consultation in regards to optimizing facilities and equipment.
  • We plan for the future together.

Our customized practices and methods give us the strategic advantage to effectively fight against all challenges when they occur or even in advance, so that harsh factors, like climate change, disease outbreaks, bad farming practices etc., don’t have a compromising effect on the quality of the olive fruit.

Diverse solutions for diverse occasions:

  • In the event of drοught.
  • When ripening is either premature or overdue.
  • During extreme or off-season temperatures.
  • In the event of disease outbreaks.
Did you know?

Through best practice implementation, olive trees have the unique ability to fight against climate change by balancing out greenhouse emissions, helping to protect the ecosystem and promoting environmental sustainability.


«Olive branch!»
Our olives should not only look great but be great.

We live in the age of information and knowledge. Before adding to their cart, consumers now make their own research and study each product looking for standardized quality and comparing the advantages of similar products.

What makes the Elia Olive Quality Center so necessary is that it provides the consumer with the assurance of a tested, superior quality product which is recorded as such not only because it looks great but because it is great.

We want our customers to give us a sincere shout out, one we truly deserve. «In Elia Olive Quality Center we trust!»

So far, we have implemented our quality control and best practice services to a wide array of Kalamata Olive farmers with impressive measured result, having monitored and documented more than 5000 tons of olive fruit. Meanwhile, our over and above vision is to create an index database of reliable producers and suppliers who can guarantee not just excellent but superior Kalamata Olive.

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